Epic Sales Partners is the Largest Independent, Commonly Owned and Managed Fresh Food Sales Agency

Companies Merge To Become Largest Fresh Food Sales Agency


Feb 2, 2023

Irving, Texas-based Epic Sales Partners has been established to become the largest independent, commonly owned and managed food sales agent in the U.S., focused on providing grocery retailers with fresh food and consumer-relevant brands.

The company brings together more than 35 years of experience as “fresh food catalysts” by combining the Premier Sales Solutions, Maher Marketing, Frontier Food Brokerage and MPF Sales and Marketing teams.  

The combined group serves food manufacturers as a fresh-focused, national-selling partner as retailers look for partners with solutions to address rising costs, supply chain challenges, increased retail store support needs and greater consumer demand for fresh food and specialty products. 

“Epic Sales Partners exists to help food retailers and manufacturers improve their go-to-market strategies,” said David Huddle, president for Epic (Central). “We provide an intense focus on fresh food with integrated and impactful selling and retail solutions across multiple regions of the U.S. Epic provides a streamlined approach that ensures a consistent experience.” 

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