Catalyze Frozen Food Sales & Market Share

One of the challenges of selling frozen food products is that they require special storage and handling. Frozen food products must be kept at a temperature of -18°C or below to prevent them from thawing and spoiling. This means that manufacturers must have a way to transport their products safely and be stored and displayed properly once they reach the retailer for maximum freshness. 

Despite these hurdles, the demand for frozen foods continues to grow. Today’s consumers want convenient, high-quality, and ready-to-cook foods and are increasingly turning to the frozen department. Frozen food manufacturers must have a well-planned sales and marketing strategy.


Epic Sale Partner’s frozen category experts have a history of driving grocery retail success. We can help you drive sales by identifying assortment opportunities, developing the right promotional strategy, and ensuring placement and speed-to-shelf in the product set. 

Epic Sales Partners provides comprehensive brokerage services including headquarter sales support, retail store merchandising expertise, and sale administration services to frozen food manufacturers nationwide. Our goal is to help you make the greatest impact at each retailer and achieve the greatest distribution possible for your products. 


We can manage all facets of headquarter relationships, such as coordination of product assortment and pricing, brand promotion, and item placement. Leverage our sales administration services to streamline inventory management, transportation, data and analytics, and more. We'll take care of everything from new item setup, logistics and order management, deduction resolution, and other related tasks. That way, you can focus on what matters: your products, innovation, and new growth opportunities.

Turning Frozen Food Manufacturers Into Category Leaders

Throughout our 35-year history, Epic has developed strong relationships with category managers and other corporate-level decision-makers, helping our frozen food manufacturers get into all major retail chains across the country. Because our food sales brokers have long-standing relationships with key grocers nationwide, so do you.

“Our brand was well known on the East Coast, but lacked exposure across the Central and West regions. Epic introduced us to frozen food buyers with regional grocery chains who gave us a chance. Now, we’re nationally known and that wouldn’t have happened without Epic’s leadership.”
Sales Leader, Frozen Food Manufacturer

Become Your Target Customer’s Favorite Frozen Food Manufacturer

Epic knows that fresh food means more repeat customers. Join us in bringing our mutual passion for quality frozen food products to families coast to coast. Contact us today and learn how we can help you build the retail partnerships you need for expanded visibility and consistent growth. 

Why Frozen Food Manufacturers Choose Epic

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Our Category Expertise

Epic Sales Partners has deep expertise in both the frozen food industry and the unique expectations of consumers in regions throughout the United States. We’ve worked with produce suppliers like you and know the best approaches to make you successful.

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Our Data Insights

Our team relies on shopper and sales data powered by IRI to understand category and sales trends. We bring a data-driven approach to making assortment, promotional, and trade spend recommendations to our manufacturers. We use data to understand the effectiveness of each sales strategy and make refinements to the strategies as necessary.

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Our Deep Industry Relationships

We have relationships with buyers, category managers, and senior grocery executives that not only increase your chances of being considered for a spot in the case, but also have the goodwill that could help see you through unforeseen challenges. Epic will pick up the phone and advocate on your behalf while finding alternatives for retailers that will meet their pressing needs.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Contact us today to determine whether Epic Sales Partners is the right food sales agent for you. We work with frozen food manufacturers ready to build a lasting partnership focused on successful selling.