Driving Pipeline Growth for Organic Food Manufacturers

In recent years, there has been an increase in people shopping at the store perimeter, with consumers regularly seeking fresh, high-quality ingredients and pre-prepared meals. They value cost-friendliness, variety, and innovation — as well as products that are familiar to them.   

Likewise, the desire for items that are made with clean ingredients and grown sustainably has resulted in a significant demand for organic options. From produce to meat and seafood, more and more consumers are reaching for natural selections.


As this market expands, organic food manufacturers must have a strong plan to increase sales and form positive relationships with major retailers. Here at Epic Sales Partners, we assist organic food manufacturers in taking advantage of new opportunities within this fast-growing category.

Epic’s comprehensive brokerage services are designed to help organic food manufacturers like you successfully sell products to retail chains and other major accounts across the United States. Our fresh-first approach involves working closely with you to understand your products and your target markets, as well as with the headquarters account managers at large retailers to understand their needs and preferences.


Let Epic elevate your sales strategy making it easier for customers to find and purchase your products. Our retail merchandising experts are well-equipped to create effective in-store displays and recommend promotional activities that drive growth. 

Providing the Freshest Organic Products to Large Retail Chains

Given the significant growth in this market, organic food manufacturers benefit from leveraging data intelligence to inform sales. Epic’s retail technology portfolio provides fresh food manufacturers with the data and insights they need to make more informed business decisions. We can help you track store distribution trends, identify key performance indicators, find areas of opportunity, and ultimately provide a better experience for consumers.

“The trend towards buying organic has been great for our business, but the category’s growth has made it hard to stand out from the crowd and get the ear of the retailer. Our buyers constantly get calls from our competitors’ brokers, but Epic is the food sales agent that they trust. This means that we stay top of mind even as the industry evolves”
Sales Leader, Organic Food Manufacturer

Become an Organic Category Leader

Epic knows that fresh organic food means more repeat customers. Join us in bringing our mutual passion for quality organic food products to families nationwide. Contact us today and learn how we can help you build the strong retail partnerships you need for expanded visibility and consistent growth.

Why Organic Food Manufacturers Choose Epic

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Our Category Expertise

Epic Sales Partners has deep expertise in both the organic food industry and the unique expectations of consumers in regions throughout the United States. We’ve worked with produce suppliers like you and know the best approaches to make you successful.

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Our Data Insights

Our team relies on shopper and sales data powered by IRI to understand category and sales trends. We bring a data-driven approach to making assortment, promotional, and trade spend recommendations to our manufacturers. We use data to understand the effectiveness of each sales strategy and make refinements to the strategies as necessary.

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Our Deep Industry Relationships

We have relationships with buyers, category managers, and senior grocery executives that not only increase your chances of being considered for a spot in the case, but also have the goodwill that could help see you through unforeseen challenges. Epic will pick up the phone and advocate on your behalf while finding alternatives for retailers that will meet their pressing needs.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Contact us today to determine whether Epic Sales Partners is the right food sales agent for you. We work with organic food manufacturers ready to build a lasting partnership focused on successful selling.