Championing Sales for Fresh Seafood Suppliers

Grocery retailers are increasingly expanding their seafood selections to respond to customer expectations for more healthy and convenient choices. Seafood suppliers can be challenged in getting their products into the hands of retailers for consideration and maintaining a long-term position in the display case.

Your broker should have deep expertise in seafood to advocate effectively for you. They can help build relationships with the right retailers in the regions with the greatest need for your products. These relationships and insights ensure seafood suppliers maximize the opportunity to grow their businesses.


Epic Sales Partners creates lasting partnerships between seafood suppliers and grocery retailers backed by over 35 years of experience within the seafood industry. We don’t focus on constant pitching; we focus on finding the right retailers with local demands that aren’t being met by current suppliers. With our insights into customer demands and trends, we build winning relationships based on trust and consistently deliver the highest quality products.

Providing Fresh and Frozen Seafood That Keeps Customers Coming Back

From fresh-caught Atlantic salmon to farm-raised tilapia to frozen fish entrees, Epic Sales Partners works with you to build a sales program that delivers products and revenue in a dependable way for both grocery retailers and suppliers.

We work with multiple seafood suppliers specializing in fresh and frozen seafood options. This includes selections that are locally sourced, humanely raised or captured, and quickly transported or frozen to maintain maximum freshness. Some of our suppliers also provide options that are portioned for busy customers in need of a quick meal, including special seasonings or seasonal preparations that surprise and delight customers in search of something new.

For suppliers looking to drive seafood sales in local markets, you need a food sales broker that understands the nuances of the seafood market and how demands fluctuate based on different demographics and seasons. Epic Sales Partners associates provide two-way communication and industry insights so you always have the pulse of the customer and can continue to offer options to grocery retailers that increase repeat visits and drive new purchases.


Epic Sales Partners Speaks Seafood

There’s a difference between selling and understanding seafood. Epic Sales Partners has a history of providing consultative support to fresh and frozen seafood suppliers.

Grocery retailers call upon our seafood sales associates’ expertise as they seek the best fresh and frozen seafood suppliers for their specific region that are flexible and responsive to ever-changing customer demands. That’s why suppliers like you work with Epic — because we have over 35 years of experience building trust with the partners you need to drive your brand.

The Perfect Partner for the Perfect Catch

Seafood suppliers throughout the country know Epic Sales Partners as the only food sales agent with over 35 years of experience in fresh and frozen seafood. This means you work with team members who started their careers in the seafood industry and have deep relationships with grocery retailers that you can depend upon.

“Our brand was ready to increase our market share in the seafood industry, but our broker couldn’t help us secure valuable relationships with grocery retailers on the West Coast. Once Epic came on board, doors opened for us, and we landed two big partnerships that continue to grow. I wish we’d found them sooner.” 
Founder, Leading Seafood Manufacturer

Become the Seafood Supplier that Seafood Lovers Trust

Epic knows that fresh seafood and innovative products mean more repeat customers. Join us in bringing our mutual passion for quality fresh and frozen seafood to families across America. Contact us today and learn how we can help you build the retail partnerships you need for expanded visibility and consistent growth.

Why Seafood Suppliers Choose Epic

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Our Category Expertise

Epic Sales Partners has deep expertise in both the seafood industry and the unique expectations of consumers in regions throughout the United States. We’ve worked with seafood suppliers and producers like you and know the best approaches to make you successful.

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Our Data Insights

Our team relies on shopper and sales data powered by IRI to understand category and sales trends. We bring a data-driven approach to making assortment, promotional, and trade spend recommendations to our manufacturers. We use data to understand the effectiveness of each sales strategy and make refinements to the strategies as necessary.

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Our Deep Industry Relationships

We have relationships with buyers, category managers, and senior grocery executives that not only increase your chances of being considered for a spot in the case, but also have the goodwill that could help see you through unforeseen challenges. Epic will pick up the phone and advocate on your behalf while finding alternatives for retailers that will meet their pressing needs.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Contact us today to determine whether Epic Sales Partners is the right food sales agent for you. We work with seafood suppliers and producers who are ready to build a lasting partnership focused on successful selling.