Epic's Top 5 Takeaways from the Global Produce & Floral Show

Epic's Top 5 Takeaways from the Global Produce & Floral Show


Oct 30, 2022

The Epic Sales Partners team arrived in Orlando to see retailer and supplier clients at this important produce show. Epic Sales Partners is building on its perishable foundation by bringing retailer relationships, retail execution specialists, and category expertise to our produce clients. The Epic Sales Partners team included Armando Mendez and Vera Barber recently joined Epic Sales Partners in Southern California to accelerate our capabilities with Albertsons, Smart & Final, Stater Bros, and Sprouts.

Here are a few team takeaways from the Global Produce & Floral Show:

  1. Convenience is King – Suppliers remain focused on further processed options that offer consistent and reliable products with minimal store labor requirements. Refrigerated space continues to be turned over to these options at the expense of bulk and commodity produce.

  2. Strategic growing locations – Suppliers highlighted local growing and processing capabilities, including hydroponics, located close to their customers to improve freshness and eliminate the need for the chlorine rinse step to combat E. coli.  

  3. Seasoning and enhancements – We saw a large increase in the varieties of ingredients to flavor and complement produce and salads. These shelf-stable items are ideal for cross-merchandising during seasonal selling opportunities.

  4. Healthy snacking – Innovation in dried fruits and nuts, including packaging, flavor profiles, and sizes, supports the produce department’s opportunity to provide on-the-go and better-for-you snacking options.

  5. Sustainable packaging – Many options were presented to replace plastic containers with recycled or recyclable paper products.

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