Advanced Retail Technology for Real-Time Strategic Insights

Our retail technology tools provide fresh food manufacturers with the data and insights they need to understand their business at the store shelf.

Advanced Retail Technology
for Real-Time Strategic Insights

The success of any business is dependent on making informed decisions. This is especially true for fresh food manufacturers who need to constantly monitor trends and changes in the marketplace and must also account for a complex supply chain and perishable products.

Retail technology tools can provide fresh food manufacturers with the data and insights they need to make more informed decisions about their business. It can also help you track store distribution trends, identify key performance indicators, find areas of opportunity, and ultimately provide more consistent products on the store shelf.


Here at Epic Sales Partners, our advanced retail technology is paired with best-in-class retail specialists who are category experts with an average tenure of over seven years. They know the store sets and departments, the store management team, the retail order and inventory systems, and the item pricing that allows them to solve distribution problems at the store shelf.

They can also teach and train store associates on the products, their proper merchandising, and, if appropriate, in-store production requirements. Our retail specialists ensure each manufacturer's merchandising and promotional programs are implemented at the store level.

Leveraging the Best Grocery Retail and Supply Chain Tools

As a fresh food brokerage, our retail technology solutions are essential for ensuring the efficient and timely distribution of your products to customers.

We use industry-leading SaaS solutions to help clients optimize logistics and supply chains, provide insightful business intelligence, and enable timely decision-making to improve sales outcomes.

Our Retail Technology Portfolio

  • We leverage the advanced technologies of FORM MarketX (formerly GoSpotCheck) to improve merchandising, check distribution and product conditions, audit inventory, and grow your product sales with our retailers.
  • We optimize profitability for partners in the competitive grocer space with cloud-based pricing programs and leverage available industry trade funds with DemandTec by Acoustic technologies.
  • We utilize best-in-class sales and analytics reporting from G2 Data Discovery to support timely decision-making & more profitable business outcomes.
  • We are fully integrated with industry-standard EDI data synchronization giving vendors up-to-date sales reporting and supply chain intel with AFS GenWeb.

Epic: The Fresh Food Catalysts

Since 2015, Maher Marketing, Premier Sales Solutions, Frontier Food Brokerage, and MPF Sales and Marketing have worked collectively but operated with individual, distinct identities. Each brokerage has a unique and proud history, with our respective experience, insights, confidence, and access spanning more than 35 years.

We recognized, however, that we can do more for our manufacturers, our retailers, our associates, and our communities if we operate collaboratively with a common brand and identity.

The newly formed Epic Sales Partners is the largest national independent fresh food sales agency creating deep relationships with food retailers locally and nationally. We serve as the bridge connecting grocery retailers with fresh food manufacturers in the bakery, deli, meat, seafood, produce, dairy, and frozen departments, as well as in the natural, specialty, and organic departments.

3 Reasons Why Fresh Food Manufacturers Choose Epic


Our Fresh Specialization

Grocery retailers across the country are responding to consumer demand for fresh selections, however, there are few national fresh-focused sales agencies that can expertly connect retailers and fresh food suppliers.

Epic Sales Partners has extensive fresh experience and deep relationships with food manufacturers and retailers built over decades. Born from four iconic grocery agencies — Maher Marketing, Premier Sales Solutions, Frontier Food Brokerage, and MPF Sales and Marketing — we lead sales to multiple food industry channels.


Our National Coverage

We offer food manufacturers coast-to-coast coverage with a consistent strategy, fresh focus, common retail store coverage, technology execution, integrated data insights, and leveraged best practice in sales administration.


Our Category Expertise

Our food sales experts have experience across all key grocery categories. Whether you sell primarily to the fresh or specialty, natural, and organic departments, we can help you successfully merchandise your food products at large retail chains and other major accounts.

Uncover Opportunities That Drive Food Sales Success

If you’re looking for a food sales agency broker to not only get your product into stores at the headquarters level but also help you take advantage of actionable business intelligence, you’ve come to the right place. Please fill out the form below to speak with one of our associates.