Energize Natural & Specialty Market Growth

The natural and specialty markets can be difficult to navigate. There are many factors that impact sales success, such as food trends, the target consumers’ expectations, and effective execution in the food distribution channels. Each natural and specialty food has its own unique selling points and challenges.

Natural and specialty foods are also often targeted at a niche market, such as health-conscious consumers or those with specific dietary needs. This can make it difficult for natural and specialty manufacturers to reach a wide audience.

Likewise, the distribution channels for natural and specialty foods can be limited. These products are often not carried extensively by mainstream grocery stores, so they must be sold through specialty retailers or direct to consumers. This can make it difficult to get the products to market.


Epic Sales Partners has a legacy of grocery retail success and can help you get your products on the shelves in your target geographic region. With over 35 years of retail brokerage experience, we lead sales to multiple channels, giving specialty and natural food manufacturers a consistent path to growth.

At Epic Sales Partners, we don't just generate natural and specialty sales; we create category leaders. Our experienced natural and specialty brokers help you place your products in the right place on grocery store shelves with the right strategy for growth.   

We handle every aspect of managing headquarters relationships, coordination of product assortment and pricing, brand promotion, and item placement. Leveraging our category expertise, deep industry relationships, and advanced retail technology, we help fresh food manufacturers maximize sales and meet their business goals.



Setting Up Natural & Specialty Manufacturers for Sales Success 

Our retail merchandising team also creates customized marketing programs for specialty and natural food manufacturers to grow their pipeline and drive revenue. Our tailored programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual customer, including pricing and promotional strategies specific to your target location. 

“With the increasing number of natural food stores and specialty markets, we’ve focused on making our products accessible to all types of communities. Epic understands the category and makes sure that we grow and maintain the partnerships we need to keep expanding our reach nationwide.”
Western Regional Sale Leader, Emerging Specialty Food Manufacturer

Trust the Fresh Food Catalysts 

Epic knows that the specialty and natural category means more trial and interested customers. Join us in bringing our mutual passion for quality natural and specialty products to families across America. Contact us today and learn how we can help you build the retail partnerships you need for expanded visibility and consistent growth. 

Why Natural & Specialty Manufacturers Choose Epic

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Our Category Expertise

Epic Sales Partners has deep expertise in both the specialty and natural industry and the unique expectations of consumers in regions throughout the United States. We’ve worked with produce suppliers like you and know the best approaches to make you successful.

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Our Data Insights

Our team relies on shopper and sales data powered by IRI to understand category and sales trends. We bring a data-driven approach to making assortment, promotional, and trade spend recommendations to our manufacturers. We use data to understand the effectiveness of each sales strategy and make refinements to the strategies as necessary.

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Our Deep Industry Relationships

We have relationships with buyers, category managers, and senior grocery executives that not only increase your chances of being considered for a spot in the case, but also have the goodwill that could help see you through unforeseen challenges. Epic will pick up the phone and advocate on your behalf while finding alternatives for retailers that will meet their pressing needs.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Contact us today to determine whether Epic Sales Partners is the right food sales agent for you. We work with frozen food manufacturers ready to build a lasting partnership focused on successful selling.